Pomeranian Poodle Mix: Pomapoo Puppies

As you may be aware, the Pomeranian Poodle Mix is a hybrid, so essentially you never know what you are getting. Each year brings new surprises as and when his personality develops. While the reason for breeding any two breeds is to ensure that the great parts of both the breeds can be seen in the offspring. But, there is only so much you can do while playing with nature. You may have heard a lot about this breed, but take it with a grain of salt, it might not always be true for your pup, and that’s okay.

Since the Pomeranian and the Poodle are mixed, your pup’s personality could go either way from the Poodle’s over eagerness and extroverted-ness to the introverted way of the Pomeranian. But, you can rest assured that he will be friendly and loving when in a relaxed state at your home.

Is the Pomapoo your ideal dog?

Coming to home, since they are not too large, they would fit comfortably in most homes. The size of the dog makes him succumb to unintentional harm to kids or himself. So, it would be best to bring him in only when your children grow up a bit and understand how to deal with dogs in a way that is most comfortable to both the parties. If you have small kids who are visiting, ensure that an adult is always supervising all the interactions.

Now let us see certain facts about the Pomeranian Poo puppies:

  • They could weigh anywhere around 10 pounds.
  • Moderate activity requirement. Just a walk around the block twice a day would work to keep him in great shape.
  • The seed does not fall far from the tree, so they are brilliant.
  • The training requirement is usual, but you will find that they understand you quickly and they are eager to learn and make you happy.

The best place to start training:

The best way to ensure that your dog is the best dog ever in your book is to start working and training with him from day one. Make sure you use lots of treats and praises while maintaining a strong front. If your pup seems a bit more energetic or enjoys sports, you can try out various outdoor sports as well.

Pomapoo Puppies Pictures


As we have reiterated before, there is no saying which personality type your dog would take. Your Pomeranian Poodle Mix could have personality traits from either one of their parents. If you are concerned, you should make a point to meet the parents before zeroing in on your puppy. Over the years, it is seen that the personality of the mother plays much more influence than the father’s personality.

Even when you meet the parents, keep in mind that the way you raise your pup also plays a pivotal role in your adult dog’s personality.  If you see that your new puppy’s parents not allowing you to approach them runs away from you or tries to act weird with you, that is a red flag.

Notice the way your puppy interacts with his siblings and the environment. He should be playing around, but he should not cross the line and be aggressive. On the other hand, he should also not prefer to stay alone and show signs of nervousness or be afraid of everything around him. A normal happy puppy who plays with others and is not afraid to try new things is the one you want to take home.

Now that you have selected your puppy, you should start socializing him asap. Up until the first year, the puppies tend to keep following you and are eager to please. So, it is up to you to ensure that he is exposed to various experiences, places, people, and just about everything that could potentially make him anxious in the long run. If you wish, you can even enroll them in puppy grooming and training classes. The basic idea is that to be happy and stress-free, your dog needs to be confident in his surroundings, and more importantly, in his skin. But, before you take him out on your adventure, talk to your vet first. Since your pup is still too young and there is a chance he might not be of age to become vaccinated.

On the whole, Pomeranian and Poodle mixes are brilliant all you need to do is train him to become excellent. If he sees that training is interesting, he will put his heart and soul in it. To ensure that your bond is the strongest and he is trained perfectly is to start as soon as possible. The more the dog ages, the more his mind will develop and will become a bit obstinate, and you will have a tough time teaching him things.

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