Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Puppies: Pomchi Dogs

When you bring a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix (or a Pomchi) to your home, be ready to bond hard instantly. Although the breed tends to be tiny in size, they have no idea of their size and so they think that are the biggest dogs ever!

The best thing about a Pomchi is that whenever any stranger would come near your house, it would start barking in order to ensure that you are aware that someone is approaching. If you get your dog at a young stage, be aware that you would need to socialize it as otherwise, you might have issues entertaining guests in your home. Depending on your dog’s personality, it could be sky or aggressive with new people.

Origin of the breed

The Chi Pomeranian was first bred in the United States of America. The main reason behind this breeding was to find a fun loving domestic dog, who can also act as a guard (Well..kind of!). There are two main reasons why people usually fall in love with this dog:

  1. Their loyalty and love for their family
  2. Their size so people who live in cramped spaces would also be able to get them

These two points along with a lot more makes it easy to a lot of people to adopt this breed.


You need to know the following things regarding your chi poms’ diet:

  • Do not go by their sizes, the Chi-Poms have a massive appetite. Once you get them to your house, you would start wondering if the breeder lied and mixed a bit of Labrador in there!
  • Make sure you bring only high-quality kibble for your dog. If it is too much of a financial burden, you can also give your dog home-cooked meals. Whatever you do, do not settle for low-grade ones. Also, make sure that the food you give is compatible with small and active breeds.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that this breed tends to have a lot of oral health issues, for both teeth and gums. So, it would be best if you steer clear from the wet food.

Training Requirement

While the Pomchi is trainable, you will often find it stubborn as well. These dogs have this weird combination of wanting to do everything to please you while wanting to do everything their way. They will get on your nerves, but at no point should you resort to any negative training techniques like yelling, slapping, etc. Doing this will ensure that your chi poms will stop listening to you forever and you can forget getting anything fruitful out of the training. You will only succeed if you use calm and persistent training methods, using a lot of encouragement while including games and treats.

Pomchi Dogs Pictures


The chihuahua pomeranian mix breed grows up to six to nine inches and weighs up from two to ten pounds.


The Chihuahua and Pomeranian love their humans and are very affectionate. When you get them, think a hundred times, as this breed gets attached for life. Since they have vast misconceptions about their size, they will go to great lengths to “protect” their families (which would mean some great laughs for you). You can ask them to be watchdogs, but if left alone for a long time, they will become quite noisy. They also have a tendency to be filled with separation anxiety so make sure you have someone from the family with them.

As discussed above, the Pomchi is quite active and you would find it running and playing around. A great way to play with these dogs is to engage them in a game of fetch. They don’t really enjoy the company of small kids, so families with older kids suit better to them.

Life Expectancy: 12 – 18 years


While this breed is energetic, it does not require much exercise. Since Pomchies keep running around the entire day, they will tire themselves out. So, you can take them out whenever they need to use the bathroom or to partake some of the fresh air. Just take them out on short walks and you would be fine.

Do not take them to dog parks unless they specifically cater to toy breeds. Since they are not aware of their size, they will try to play with the big dogs, and it might lead to some unintentional hurt (as the big dogs are not that aware of their size either!)

The Chihuahua Pomeranian mix loves to run around and be goofy. You would always find it up to something. However, since this dog is quite small in size, it is a perfect dog for the people who live in apartments. The dog is able to adjust to any lifestyle so you could live in the city or in the country, you would find your companion relaxed at your side.

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