We are Pomeranian Mix, a hub for Pomeranian lovers from all around the world. We love our hairy, soft pooches of Pomeranians for life, and we welcome all fellows, Pom lovers too. Our website would be sharing information related to Pomeranian dogs and puppies and even the mixed breeds so that everyone can take the best care of them.

Pomeranians are by nature, very gentle, and they are, therefore, one of the most beautiful beings to be around you. We, at The Pomeranian Mix, believe that it is vital to take care of the Pomeranians and the mixed breeds that are now high on popularity range.

Pomeranians are very cute, agile, and active in nature. Even then, they can adapt fairly well to apartment life too. They are highly trainable and perfect family dog with a mind of their own too since they might tend to be moody as well.

Today one can find mixed Pom breeds with almost all the dogs and most of them are loyal, and yet independent-minded pups. Pomeranian mixed breeds include Pomeagle, which is a combined breed of Pomeranian and the beagle. Beagles are a friendly breed of dogs. Hence, their mingled breed just increases their cuteness. Pomeranian with Boston Terrier or Pomston is another cute mixed breed that gives it a fiercely cuter look and yet, fun to be around. Their general suspicious nature gets a boost here.

A prevalent mixed breed of Pomeranian is with Chihuahua, and the result is Pomchi. Yes, just as its name goes, this playful small dog is sure as a handful as ever. Other cute mixed breeds are with Pug, a fox terrier and husky and all of them are unique. These puppies are moderately active, and they can stay indoors too. They tend to bark at strangers a lot, and yet if they get the right training, they are even fine with a big family or apartment complex area.

In case you need to know more about the activity, the eating habits and about the hygiene and care of these mixed breeds of Pomeranian then contact us here at The Pomeranian Mix.

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